Your Driveway Could Earn Cash While You’re At Work

A report from has revealed the highest earning private driveways and parking spaces, where people can rent their empty drives and garages out for a decent return.

So while your car is sat at work and your drive is empty during the day it could be earning its keep, especially if you live near some of the UK’s top drive rental locations, according to

For example, if you live close to Bristol airport you could have been the person whose drive earned them a whopping £33,100 last year.  Nice, eh?

Where else?  Some top locations might surprise you.  OK, Stansted airport might be obvious, but Blackpool Pleasure Beach? And one sought-after location near the newly-built football stadium in Tottenham is said to have been raking in a staggering £12,048.  And have you seen the quality of football being played there?  Some people have more money than sense.

Harrison Woods, CEO at YourParkingSpace, commented: “Parking spaces near busy locations like airports, train stations or office spaces, can be a serious money spinner for Brits looking to kick their financial worries to the kerb this winter. Those with one vacant space can make a nice side income, for people with a few empty spaces it can be extremely lucrative.

“Listings near football stadiums and music venues are popular with punters, and this space close to the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is no different, ranking third on our parking space league table as it takes home a Champions League spot.”

Have a close look at their desirable drives here Find Parking Spaces, Car Parks & Driveways for Rent – YourParkingSpace and see if you can turn your drive into an earner.