Worst Car Registration Figures Since 1990s      

The SMMT is saying that the UK’s new car registrations have sunk to their very worst June level since 1996 – a 24.3% decline.

Speaking to AM Online, SMMT chief exec Mike Hawes said semiconductor shortages are “stifling the new car market even more than last year’s lockdown” after the organisation reported that a total of 140,958 new vehicles were registered in June. 

Hawes said: “Electric vehicle (EV) demand continues to be the one bright spot, as more electric cars than ever take to the road, but while this growth is welcome it is not yet enough to offset weak overall volumes, which has huge implications for fleet renewal and our ability to meet overall carbon reduction targets.

“With motorists facing rising fuel costs, however, the switch to an electric car makes ever more sense and the industry is working hard to improve supply and prioritise deliveries of these new technologies given the savings they can afford drivers.”