Will Hydrogen Close EVs Down Forever?     

We’ve all heard (or experienced) the problems with EVs: the range anxiety; the problem finding a charger that works; the problem finding a charger that works and is available; the long, long wait while the car charges.

Yet, over in Europe and Scandinavia, the people driving hydrogen cars know nothing of this.  The hydrogen car fueling experience is exactly the same as the petrol or diesel fill-up – it takes three minutes, not 30+.

Which is also why, across Europe and Scandinavia, petrol stations increasingly offer hydrogen fuel and there are a lot more people taking up the option than in the UK.

Now, US-based Gilbarco Veeder-Root has announced its mission to enable future hydrogen-powered transportation by making available a suite of compression, dispensing and software solutions, allowing the creation of a network of renewable or low-carbon hydrogen refuelling stations around the world.

Is this the beginning of the end for EVs?  Maybe not for cars as such, but for other vehicles.

According to many industry experts, hydrogen is better suited for heavy-duty commercial vehicles than pure electric power, due to the rapid refuelling time, their weight, and duty cycles. Hydrogen fuel cell trucks and buses are currently being developed by most of the leading global truck manufacturers and it’s predicted that 15% of commercial fleets will be hydrogen powered by 2030.

Joel van Rensburg, General Manager of Hydrogen, Gilbarco Veeder-Root, “Energy and mobility are evolving rapidly and it’s clear that hydrogen is a key factor in helping us deliver on the low carbon, zero-emissions future that we are all working towards. It is the optimum solution for many commercial vehicles, including trucks, buses and, in some cases, passenger cars. It’s crucial that we continue to deliver new, accessible, and safe solutions to meet our customers’ evolving energy needs. As leaders in alternative fuels, Gilbarco Veeder-Root remains at the forefront of rapid technological changes, and we’ll be announcing several new solutions and strategic partnerships over the coming months.”

Keep an eye on hydrogen.