What’s That Weird Noise?!     

A team of EV experts from Lease Electric Car have compiled a report on the noises EVs make and why they make them. The company says that ‘with a lot more electric and hybrid vehicles on the roads and different car companies creating their own models, it can become more challenging to identify whether a car noise is normal or not.’

A spokesperson said: “These types of vehicles are very quiet, which is great for noise pollution levels, but some drivers may be concerned if their car does make a noise, this could mean that something is wrong. Due to changes in legislation, electric cars are required to make more noise than before, so we’ve compiled a list of common sounds and what they mean.” 

The top noises listed include ‘rolling’ when moving fast without the noise of the engine; ‘charging’, which should sound like a cooling fan spinning round, if the charging process is working correctly; and the ‘lower speed noise’, the artificial sound an EV should make if travelling at under 12 mph so pedestrians can hear the EV approaching.

The team also notes that the electric Ford Mustang has a ‘bassy hum’ when the driver puts their foot on the accelerator, designed to make the driving experience more immersive and replicate how it would sound in a petrol or diesel powered car. Turn it up!