Cars: what’s selling and what’s not

Tesla model 3

The latest SMMT report on which cars are (and are not) selling makes for serious reading. The headlines, of course, are that 2020 saw an almost 30% fall in vehicles sales compared to 2019.

But last year was bad like no other year has been bad. Covid-19 gave us a kick up the backside us personally and professionally. No wonder people aren’t focussing on buying vehicles.

But what about when we come out of this pandemic? Will sales be forever down? Will the way we buy cars be forever changed? We think the latter is probably true.

1.6 million new car registrations, the lowest for years.

But look closer.  Not only are the number changing, the makes of car are changing too.  Top sales for December 2020? Tesla’s entry-level car, the Model 3. The came the VW Golf, Ford Fiesta and VW ID3. 

Courtesy of SMMT