What3Words Are On Lamborghini’s Lips

We have been waiting for this to start to snowball.  The superb concept that is What3Words (if you don’t know about this you need to get with it, Daddio) is being adopted by none other than

Lamborghini which has said it will become the first auto manufacturer to integrate what3words, fully enabled by Alexa.

Just months after Lotus announced it would be using What3Words for navigation, Lambo is joining the surge towards adopting this excellent tool.

With voice set to be the way we communicate with cars, this partnership signals a disruptive move to combine the best user experience with the slickest and most innovative technology.

what3words location technology is changing the way we approach addressing. It has divided the globe into 57 trillion 10ft squares and given each one a unique combination of 3 words: a what3words address.

For example, drivers can enter ///usual.trying.highs to navigate to the exact 3 meter square that offers the best view of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The system will also work entirely offline.

Luca Giardino, Head of Connectivity at Lamborghini says, “The future of mobility demands the most advanced technology, and that is why today Lamborghini is announcing the roll-out of what3words. Our drivers can experience the most seamless way to navigate by voice.”

Chris Sheldrick, CEO and Co-founder of what3words adds,“ Traditional addresses aren’t suitable for voice input, and a lot of the time, the best spots don’t have an address at all. Together, what3words and Alexa offer the perfect solution for navigation, and with that a top of the range experience. Lamborghini drivers can now explore off the beaten track, or find a VIP entrance to an exclusive venue with just 3 words.”