What Causes Most Mechanical Repair/Service Disputes?

Repair Complaint

The Motor Ombudsman has surprised us (and the rest of the retail motor industry) in the results of its work of its Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service to show that the majority of service and repair disputes submitted by consumers in Q1 were about.…can you guess?…faults and failures associated with a drivetrain component

Here at Need To Know Motors we speak from personal experience and we would say that personnel-related service issues are the biggest headache. You know, never getting called back…things not being checked or repaired…human error, I suppose.

But the ever-on-the-ball Motor Ombudsman says that where a customer specified the mechanical part they deemed to be the problem, more than half (58%) were related to the drivetrain.

Next comes complaints about the exterior and then tyres.

To be honest, this is a fascinating report and dealers would do very well to read it closely as it offers a great insight into the dispute procedure and how to avoid it.

Look here Drivetrain tops causes of Q1 service and repair disputes – The Motor Ombudsman