Want Cheaper Fuel? Download the ‘Cheaper Fuel’ App


A new app that tells users where to find the cheapest fuel in major cities across the UK has revealed that drivers in Glasgow, Exeter and Norwich experience double-digit price differences between the cost of fuel at different local petrol stations.

At the time of reporting, Glasgow drivers could find fuel up to 13p/litre cheaper than the city’s most expensive petrol stations if they knew where to look; in Exeter and Norwich the discrepancy was 11p/litre.

The free-to-download myAutomate app records the variance in major cities’ fuel prices over the previous 24 hours.  Co-founder and MD, Andrew Watson, says the app simplifies drivers’ journeys: “By providing real-time fuel price updates through the myAutomate app, we are enabling drivers to make the smart choices on where to fill up.”

It is claimed that myAutomate can save a driver in Glasgow up to £7.20 per fill, or over £370 a year when filling up a 55-litre tank.

The app can show drivers how far they would need to travel to a forecourt and what facilities it offers, as well as the location of car washes and car parks.

Here at NTK Motors, we like this.  It saves the driver money. That’s good enough for us.