Wake Up! 4 Million Fall Asleep While Driving


IAM Roadsmart has asked 1,000 people if they have fallen asleep at the wheel and it turns out that one in ten has.  Extrapolate that across the driving public and you’ve got four million out of 40 million drivers nodding off while in charge of a speeding machine.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen those ‘Tiredness Can Kill. Take A Break’ signs and I take them seriously.

Having said that, I’m really lucky that a) I can sleep just about anywhere and at any time; and b) a good 20-minute snooze sets me up just fine.

But it’s obviously a serious issue.  Are you one of those who pushes on regardless, hoping you can stay away for just another hour?  As the IAM Roadsmart report says, the fact that four million of us have actually fallen asleep at the wheel, as opposed to just felt drowsy, will set alarm bells ringing amongst road safety experts as even the briefest lapse in concentration when driving can have devastating consequences. At 70mph a car travels over 100 feet every second! 

Neil Greig, IAM Roadsmart’s director of policy and research, says: “It is shocking to think that a potential four million drivers have closed their eyes behind the wheel.  The potential carnage that could result from even one accident doesn’t bear thinking about.”

So, here at NTK Motors, we’re giving it to you straight: do not drive if you’re too tired.  Stop, pull over, have a snooze.  Who cares that you’ll get there half an hour later?  Four million of you?  Good God!