VW Presses Go on Electric Robo Taxi

Robo Taxi

This driverless vehicle thing is getting serious.  Now VW has said its ID. BUZZ all-electric self-driving vehicle will be ready for the roads in the next few years.  The vehicle is currently undergoing trials in Germany, setting the stage for it to debut as a ‘robo taxi’ in the mid-2020s.

VW’s says the ID BUZZ will be used for ‘ride-hailing and pooling’. So by the middle of this decade, we will be able call for an ID BUZZ to collect us and take us to our destination in certain cities, all without a driver.  It’s basically an electric, driverless taxi. It sounds great.

VW CEO Carsten Intra says the ID Buzz is an “important contribution to future mobility and road safety in cities.” VW, and especially VW Commercial Vehicles which is developing the ID BUZZ, is committing major budgets to driverless vehicles, aiming for the fast and consistent development of autonomous systems.

Robo taxis and robo vans will be the first wave of VW driverless products. Here at NTK Motors we are very excited about getting onboard in the near future.