VW Gives Glimpse of 2026 Electric Sedan ‘Project Trinity’

VW Trinity

VW has given us all a sneaky peak at its much-anticipated 2026 sedan which is set to boast tiny charging times and a high range.  Under the working title of ‘Project Trinity’ it’s all a bit of a tease, to be honest.

So what do we know?  Well, VW brand CEO Ralf Brandstätter says: “Trinity is a sort of crystallization point for our ACCELERATE strategy, a lighthouse project, our software dream car.”  

OK, that sounds nice.  VW also say that the newly developed vehicle architecture will set standards in terms of range, charging speed (“charging as fast as refueling”) and digitalization.

OK, that sounds nice too.  But how far and how fast?  Er, no word on those figures as yet.

So the bottom line is this: VW will launch a new electric car in 2026.