Volvo’s First Ever Pure Electric Car

The Volvo C40 is being hailed as the first car in the company’s history to be designed as pure electric only, signalling the clear way forward for the Swedish manufacturer.

“The C40 is a car that symbolises electrification and delivers on it,” says Robin Page, Head of Design at Volvo Cars. “It has the personality of the XC40, which proved to be attractive to many, but it’s dialled up even more through its dynamic expression and sleek profile. It’s a really attractive product for people who are looking for the easy-to-live-with aspects of an SUV with more of a modern statement.”

All of which means, in our view, that Volvo is moving into the electric world and they’re here to stay.

Oh, and check out the ‘Volvo DNA’ which, according to our Swedish friends, “is distinguished by a Scandinavian approach in the form language: sections are shaved and carved out of the solid form, creating a sense of purity and refinement; an understated confidence.”

Got that?