Volvo’s ‘Electric Manifesto’ Missing The Hydrogen

Volvo Cars continues its statesmanlike march towards electrification by issuing what amounts to a manifesto about, and we quote, ‘a new paradigm in car design’ with its Volvo Concept Recharge. It’s great, but where is the hydrogen? Everyone knows that hydrogen will play a major part in our car-driving future (especially if you want range and fast charging) but Volvo’s manifesto lacks that special element.

And, sorry to split hairs, but isn’t Volvo claiming a bit much when it says that by removing the internal combustion engine, the designers have been able to increase interior space?  Er…that’s what taking the ICE out does for a car, isn’t it? Every non-ICE car should have this, not just the Volvo.

Anyway, we’ll stop being churlish.  The Concept Recharge is a good thing. But Volvo needs to reign in its ‘we invested rock’n’roll’ attitude a little.