Volvo Sales Up Almost Double

Volvo XC60_Model_Year_2022

Volvo Cars has achieved 10 consecutive months of sales growth, with global sales increasing by a staggering 97.5% last month, compared with the same month last year.  The Swedish giant notched up over 62,000 car sales last month, with the US and mainland Europe being the strongest markets.  China, too, has reported improved sales, up more than 11%.

The brand is looking strong, too, in the EV market, with sales of its Recharge chargeable models accounting for 42 per cent of Volvo’s overall sales in Europe.

What about Volvo in the UK, though?  Volve report sales here as ‘strong’, alongside German and (naturally) Swedish sales.

China, however, is Volvo’s biggest market, with the XC60 and S90 models being assembled in that territory.