Used Diesel Volumes Down, EVs Up     

Vehicle remarketing specialists Aston Barclay are reporting that the volume of used diesel cars going under their hammer reached an all-time low in Q2, with just 42.7% of their stock being diesel in that period.  The company sees this as a major sign that used diesel volumes are falling to coincide with new car fuel trends.

In the same period, used EV prices increased by 11.7% (£3,289) to a new record price of £31,349. Sale volumes also increased in Q2 by a third over Q1 showing that EVs are slowly creeping into auction and now account for 1.5% of Aston Barclay’s sales.

Diesel prices remained consistent at £8,302 in Q2, a fall of just £32 over Q1, while petrol prices fell by -1.6% (£122) to £7,447.

Used fleet prices fell by an average of 2.5% (£405) to £15,278. This is the third successive quarter where average prices were in the £15,000s which reinforces the sector’s stability.

Late and low (0-24 months) and budget (126 months +) used cars continued to buck the trend with price rises of 2.9% (£696) and 1.2% (£26) to £23,941 and £2,075, respectively.

“Q2 has thrown up some interesting trends. Diesel volumes fell 3.3% from Q1 to Q2, but we believe that once more ex-fleet used cars reach auction diesel volumes will start to rise again,” explained Martin Potter, Aston Barclay’s Chief Customer Officer.

“The overall used market is slowing down with price increases only for the right stock. Refurbishment levels continue to rise as vendors make their used cars as attractive as possible to increase conversion rates while buyers are handing over the hassles of improving a car’s condition to us so they arrive at the dealership retail ready,” he added.