UK’s first ‘Destination Porsche’ to be ‘hopefully ready by Q1 2022’

Porsche Hangzhou

In the wake of breath-taking new Porsche retail outlets in places such as Germany and China, reports are now coming in that the UK’s first ‘Destination Porsche’ outlet will be located in Reading.  We don’t know if that contradicts the status of the huge new Porsche centre Pendragon is building on the edge of Nottingham, but we do expect it to be a trailblazer for the sports motor brand.

Porsche Retail Group MD, Adam Flint, has said that it is hoped the development will be ready “hopefully by Q1 2022.”

The first ‘Destination Porsche’ opened almost a year ago in Hangzhou, China, and it immediately upped the ante on car retail thanks to the flexibility of the space and its of digital media in customer relations.  And its architecture. 

These outlets are meant to become a destination in themselves, a gathering place for current and future customers. Apparently Porsche plans over 800 of them worldwide across the next decade.

We can’t say if the Reading version will have anything as gobsmackingly superb as Hangzhou’s aluminium facade, but we’re expecting great things.

Adam Flint is quoted in AM Online saying: “We’re very proud to be implementing the Destination Porsche concept as part of the redevelopment of Porsche Centre Reading, and it will be another significant first for Porsche Retail Group.”

The development on Bath Road, Calcot, in the west of Reading, is said to more than treble the display area, from nine vehicles to 31.