Trevor Finn is Hedin the Right Direction (see what we did there?)

Hedin Group

Do you know the Swedish group called Hedin? You should keep an eye on them.  Not only are they very acquisitive, but they’ve also now gone and landed the services of ex-Pendragon big cheese Trevor Finn.  He joins them as a non-exec director and sees the group as a model of the ‘superdealer’ principle he has long discussed.

In only the last few months, €2.7 billion turnover Hedin Group and its constituent companies have acquired, taken over operating the Swiss BMW dealer Zurich-Dielsdorf and has now bought Ford of Sweden, the Swedish car importer. So now Hedin imports cars, sells cars and even rents them via its Mabi Rent and its Car to Go brands.

Finn, believed by many as being one of the wisest of wise owls in the industry, joins a formidable group that is very much going places.  Keep your eye on Hedin and definitely on Trevor Finn.