Trade Centre Wales Boss: Abuse Victim? Or PR Genius?

Trade Centre

Spare a thought for poor Mark Bailey, boss of Trade Centre Wales, one of the region’s biggest car retailers …   He is the victim of a constant stream of honking and beeping outside his extremely big and posh house near Swansea as retribution for daring to challenge a load of kids at the local skateboard park who he claimed were abusive to him as he drove past in his “brand new Ferrari”.

Or…think again…there are some rumours that this whole ridiculous episode is just a sophisticated PR stunt designed to publicise Mr Bailey’s business.  After all, before these videos hit the big time we had never heard of Trade Centre Wales despite our regular visits to the region.  Now we’re fully aware of the brand and what it does.

Abuse or PR? Judge for yourself here 

Now witness the huge local response to Mr Bailey’s complaint/campaign here Beep Beep Beep Beeeeeeep (skateboard park protest in Swansea) – YouTube 

At one point Mr B cautioned one of the skating youths not to use bad language.  All the while his potty-mouthed partner was spouting the ‘c’ word – and I don’t mean ‘Cardiff’.

NTK Motors is not condoning the shouting of abuse at some random car dealer who happens to have a “brand new Ferrari”.  Nor are we saying this is a PR stunt – we have just heard people question it.  But we hope that if this is a clever marketing ruse then it doesn’t backfire on Mr Bailey who seems to have been on the receiving end of local residents’ ire. Also, given that it’s being reported that the incident led to the Trade Centre Wales Trustpilot page being flooded with reviews, we’re even more convinced this wasn’t some guerrilla marketing tactic.

Latest news – it is now being reported that Mr Bailey has apologised for his stance against the skateboarders.