Thugs Attack Cars – Reward Offered    

Davies Car Sales in Warrington is the latest dealership to have its vehicle stock attacked and damaged, this time by three cowardly thugs who ran by in their hoods throwing bricks at the cars lined up on the forecourt.

All of this was caught by CCTV and it’s not on YouTube here: CCTV: Yobs attack Warrington car dealership, hurling bricks at windows and cars – YouTube

The idiots are believed to be aged 15-17 and they managed to pointlessly damage three cars, causing £4,000-worth of work.

The brave young lads then ran off.

It is the second time the dealership has been targeted in the past fortnight after a separate incident ten days earlier saw five car windows damaged.

MD Mark Davies said: “It is so infuriating, and I am just disgusted that youths are doing this in their local community in broad daylight, all balaclavad up and running around the streets.

“I want to make people aware that this is happening. It is ridiculous that kids are causing this kind of damage.”