This is Fun. News From the J40 Motor Company

J40 pedal car

A lavish coffee table book about one of the UK motor industry’s best-kept secrets, the much-loved J40 Motor Company which makes the beautiful Austin J40 pedal car, is set to be published.  Renowned author David Whyley is bringing the book out with motoring publisher Porter Press.

Originally manufactured in South Wales at a specially-constructed factory, which opened in 1949 as a not-for-profit company to employ disabled coal miners, the J40 has remained a much-loved collector’s item.  These little beauties now sell for anything up to four grand a piece on eBay. 

The 32,000 J40s produced were made from scrap metal and off-cuts from Austin’s Longbridge factory.  Standard features included working headlights and horn, detachable wheels with Dunlop tyres, a realistic facia panel and the same material, tuck and roll, seating as the Austin Devon on which it was modelled. The J40 also had an opening bonnet and boot, chrome bumpers, hub caps, grille and boot handle.

Take it from us, they’re gorgeous little cars as anyone who has seen them in the children’s Settrington Cup at Goodwood Revival events will attest.

Even better, for anyone lucky to own one of these gems, J40 is now owned by Burlen, maker of classic car carburettors.  Burlen is keeping up the supply of authentic spares for the J40 so your little prince or princess can really nurture their passion for racing these lovely little pedal-powered cars.

It’s the kind of service we’ve come to expect from Burlen which is well-respected for supplying a full range of services for classic cars, classic motorcycles and motorsport. 

Can’t wait to get our Nutella-smeared mitts on the book!