Think You Can Design a Car?

Polestar design 2020

Polestar has launched its second annual design contest for students and designers to set out their vision for mobility in the future – note: this does not have to be a car!

Those canny Swedes and their design guru Thomas Ingenlath want a ‘progressive’ design that can at least match last year’s winner, pictured.  Yes, that won last year!  It’s…challenging, isn’t it?  But here at NTK Motors we love it.

They’re seeking digital images in the Student and Professional categories – we know that might sound daunting and that only bearded-types with an MA in sketching can enter, but we reckon that if your design comes up to scratch they’d be fools to ignore it.

As the elegantly-named Maximilian Missoni, head of design at Polestar, says: “In a landscape of disruptive technologies, evolving lifestyles and fast=growing concern for climate change, design can be the driving force for positive change.”  We couldn’t have put it better ourselves, Max.