The Voice of F1 – Murray Walker RIP

Murray Walker

Here at NTK Motors we were sad to hear that the legendary Murray Walker has died.  You will have seen the obituaries and the comments from F1 greats around the world.  All plaudits were thoroughly deserved, as Murray was the embodiment of enthusiasm for Formula 1 and all the skill and razzamatazz that went with it.

Anyone with anything at all to do with cars had a genuine soft spot and admiration for Murray and he was rightly known as a national treasure, for his commentary and deep knowledge and for his malapropisms peppered throughout his analysis. He was The Voice of F1 for over twenty years but was known widely outside that world, not least because his passion and fervour knew no bounds and were loved by various TV and radio impressionists.

Author Clive James famously referred to him as talking like a man “whose trousers were on fire”.

This weekend, after Murray had finally reached his own chequered flag at the grand old age of 97, no less an authority than F1’s superstar Lewis Hamilton commented:

“I just remember hearing this iconic voice. Growing up and watching all the grands prix, he really made the sport exciting. There has been no one like him that I have seen on TV. No one can come close.”

RIP Murray Walker.