The Mercedes EQS: Merc’s First Proper EV

The Mercedes EQS has been unleashed. It’s gorgeous.  It’s space-age in parts.  It’s fast, but it’s not furious. It’s calm. And it is, no doubt, the future of what Mercs will be like from now on.

Reports are that the EQS 450+ has knocked the luxury EV market for six.

Expected on our streets in late summer, the EQS is going to set you back around £80,000 – as yet unconfirmed.

So what do you get for your estimated £80 grand?  You get dual synchronous electric motors with a top speed of 130 mph.  You get an impressive range for your all-EV motor of 484 miles…which seems high.  You get a bhp of 325 and a 0-60 in 6.2 seconds.

But above all you get a luxurious and quiet ride dominated by a large screen with all the info you may ever need. If you’re not into prodding screens while you’re driving along (who is?) then the EQS offers a hi-spec voice control unit.

This car also paves the way for Mercedes’ ambition for more than half the cars it sells to feature electric drive systems by 2030, including full EVs and plug-in hybrids.