Tesla’s $1 Trillion Value Queried…by Elon Musk!

Our favourite Bond Villain, Elon Musk, is in a little bit of a spat with his biggest customer.  Or at least we think Hertz is Tesla’s biggest customer, we can’t be sure.

Basically, Hertz announced it was buying 100,000 Teslas. Tesla shares shot up at the news, taking the company’s value over the mythical $1 Trillion (with a capital ‘T’) mark.  Various money types expressed their gratitude and, responding to one, Mr Musk tweeted that the Hertz/Tesla contract was yet to be signed…in a kind of ‘don’t count your chickens’ sort of way.

So then the Tesla share price fell back a reported 4% the next morning.

Hertz batted back that their plans hadn’t changed, that they had placed the order for 100,000 Tesla EVs for delivery by the end of 2022 and that deliveries of the Teslas already have started.

So what is going on?   Who knows, except the enigmatic Mr Musk?