Tesla Spares – New Products Launched

We’ve all been reading the mutterings about the so-called ‘crisis’ in getting Tesla’s repaired, due to various shortages and other market-related reasons.

Well, in a move that might resemble the cavalry coming over the hill, we can report that new steering and suspension parts that form the beginnings of a full chassis solution covering various models are being launched by Delphi Technologies, a brand of BorgWarner Inc.

They are saying that this enables an opportunity for workshops looking to embrace newer electric vehicles entering their service life. 

“Our new steering and suspension line-up is additional proof of our unwavering commitment to quality and safety. The latest testing data is very impressive and makes these parts the go-to solution for workshops wanting to offer a high calibre service,” says Neil Fryer, Delphi Technologies Vice President Global Marketing, Product and Strategic Planning. “We believe there should be no compromise on the standards for an aftermarket part, especially when safety and driver experience are fundamental measures of a high quality product. This steering and suspension portfolio shows how our pioneering OE engineering pays dividends for vehicle owners and workshops.”

Steering and suspension replacements for the Tesla Model S specifically carry more significance than the average repair of its type, because these parts are uniquely involved in the vehicle’s driving modes. Smart Air Suspension is a feature responsible for comfort, safety, and Cheetah Mode performance, which has helped to make the Tesla Model S P100D so desirable; and therefore, a high priority for vehicle owners to find like-for-like replacement of original components.