Swiss Hypercar Will Cost £1.7 Million


The first and only Swiss-made hypercar is set to go on sale in the UK in 2023 with a price rumoured to be set at around £1.7 million. Get saving your pennies.

Yes, the Swiss firm Morand Cars is has released a first glimpse of its new hypercar which is set to have a top speed of around 250mph.

So, let’s get this right, 250 mph and £1.7 million.

As you will know, Switzerland is not known for its heavy manufacturing industry.  They’re not renowned car makers. They’re good at lots of things, such as jazz festivals, lakes and watches, but think of our Swiss friends and you do not think fast, flash, massively-expensive cars.

Well, you do now.

There is a lot to this car than just the speed and the price but, to be honest, we’re still recovering from those figures to report on it further. We’re going for a lie down.