Survey Shows Lockdown Affecting Sector’s Mental health

mental health

We applaud AM Online for conducting an important survey into how the lockdown has affected the mental health of people who work in the UK retail motor sector.

While we’re not the results so far are scientifically verifiable or conclusive (and we’re sure AM wouldn’t claim that) they are an important indicator of how we’re working our way through the situation, especially as it has such a far-reaching effect on other parts of our lives such as family, income, recreation and friendships.

The latest results we have seen show that over 60% of respondents say they have felt depressed or demotivated and struggle with work.

  • No effect, I feel the same as before = 25.0%
  • I feel more determined or motivated to do my best work = 12.5%
  • I’ve felt depressed or demotivated and struggle with work = 62.5%

It’s an important and serious matter.  Fair play and plaudits to AM Online.