SuperCar Blondie Shows Futuristic Mercedes AVTR Driving in Public

Right.  Let’s be frank.  Here at Need To Know Motors are way behind the curve when it comes to ‘influencers’ and suchlike.  But we do know that the self-styled Supercar Blondie is a big deal in that world.  Almost 7 million subscribers to her YouTube channel…based in Dubai…you get the picture.  So she got our attention when she ‘revealed’ what she called the coolest concept car in the world, the very futuristic and frankly weird Merc AVTR.

Check out her film here (20+) Watch | Facebook  You can’t help but raise an eyebrow or two at what the car does. But we can’t help asking why it does all those things. 

Who are we to question?  Enjoy the genuinely amazing footage.