Subaru: This Month’s ‘Fastest-Growing Brand’ Award

Anyone knows that here at NTK Motors we love a Subaru, we do.  But even we were taken aback when they reported a staggering 388% increase in car registrations in June and claiming the number one spot in car sales.  Can it really be that the Subaru is the fastest growing vehicle brand in Britain? 

Certainly the stats from the SMMT say that, so far this year, Subaru sales are up by a massive 165% in a market that recorded an average brand growth of 39.26%.

As you can imagine, Subaru UK are chuffed to bits. Their new Managing Director, Pat Ryan, said: “The figures are staggering and reflect the strength of the product. New models are also being launched by Subaru which is creating huge interest in both our existing customers database and also from many other Brands.”

But, hang on a minute.  We’re talking about growth here. Which means that if they sold zero before and then sold a shed load the, yes, they’re the fastest-growing brand.  So it’s all a little meaningless, isn’t it?

After all, it wasn’t long ago we were reporting MG as the fastest-growing brand…

We love you, Subaru, we really do. But, come on.  You’re better than this.