Stone Me! Car Dealer’s Post-Joint Jaunt Risks Him Losing Job

A car dealer who was caught driving after he had smoked cannabis is at risk of losing his job after he was banned from driving for a year.  Self-employed dealer Steven Cowan, who had initially given police a false name, stands to lose his business for driving after smoking cannabis after providing a positive test sample to police in Gateshead.

Cowan, of Chester-le-Street, Co Durham, admitted possession and drug-driving at South Tyneside magistrates.  He was 0.4mcgs over the legal limit of 2mcgs.  Magistrates heard that Cowan was now at risk of losing his insurance and therefore his job.

The offence took place on the A1 in February when Cowan was driving his black BMW.  Police followed him and smelled cannabis when the car door was opened.