Stellantis Facing Serious Criticism from Dealers      

News is coming at us from all directions that Stellantis franchisees have accused the manufacturer of influencing the market by allegedly building up its pre-registrations even though it can’t deliver newly-ordered vehicles.

One Stellantis franchisee reportedly told AM: “If Stellantis were just able to let people know when their cars would come then the issue might be lessened, but most are being left in the dark.”  Another has reportedly said that the manufacturer made it register cars while they were still on a ferry.

There are various reports of friction between the dealers and the manufacturer with Stellantis apparently seeking early registrations and up-front payments for vehicles that may not even be delivered for God knows how long.

As you can imagine, this is leaving customers unhappy too, given that they’re having to fork out three months’ worth of money up front.