Stellantis Donates €1 Million for Ukrainian Refugees     

We make no apologies for this week’s bulletin focussing on the hell that is unfolding in Ukraine.  And we’re chuffed that Stellantis, through its Foundation, has commited €1 million in humanitarian aid to support the Ukrainian refugees and civilians displaced by the current crisis. With the support of Stellantis’ head of operations in Ukraine, Stellantis will rely on a local NGO to support Ukrainians in using this fund.

“Stellantis condemns violence and aggression and, in this time of unprecedented pain, our priority is the health and safety of our Ukrainian employees and families,” said Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares. “An aggression that shook a world order, already unsettled by uncertainty, has been launched. The Stellantis community, made of 170 nationalities, looks with dismay as civilians flee the country. Even if the scale of causalities is not yet apparent, the human toll will be unbearable.”

The 70+ Stellantis employees in Ukraine are believed to be safe at the moment.