‘Space’ Salesperson Wanted – Lookers’ New Polestar Space opens Manchester Trafford Centre

Polestar Space

Actors and teachers get in line

As Lookers opens the UK’s second Polestar outlet at Manchester’s Trafford Centre, do you have what it takes to be a salesperson in these futuristic new retail outlets? There has been a scramble to work there, but with Polestar planning on growth, maybe it’s time to update your cyber CV.

What special qualities do you need to work at a Polestar ‘space’?  The job advert says a background in the automotive industry is not essential, but, and here we quote direct from the job description, people with ‘drama, public speaking, teaching, sales, event planning or customer care will be positively considered’.

Call me old-fashioned, but Polestar/Lookers really are reaching out to a whole new demographic here.  Does that mean that your face won’t fit because you work in a motor retail outlet? On the contrary, we think.  We reckon they need ‘people people’.  It’s about communicating and educating.  That’s what you already do with your customers.  So don’t be put off just because you didn’t go to RAD or haven’t taught the Third Year biology class.