Snows’ Online Growth Shows Way Forward

Snows Logo

Snows Motor Group has invested wisely in its online sales capability and has announced that, over the last 18 months, it has shifted £37 million worth of vehicles.  That’s one hell of an achievement and here at NTK Motors we reckon it shows the way forward for similar businesses.

With almost 50 dealerships across the south of England and with over 900 staff, Snow has plenty invested in bricks and mortar too.  But since launching its online offer the group has gone from strength to strength, not least because it seems to have consistently re-invested in reaching the customer.

It boosted its Live Chat capability, with video call appointments and personalised walkrounds.  Customers can reserve cars with a small, fully refundable deposit to feed into Snow’s click and collect-style used car offer.

Many of its sales have come outside office working hours.

Really, this sounds like many other finger-on-the-pulse dealerships, but at Snows they’ve really got it right. And they’re modest about their success, too.

CEO Stephen Snow says: “We are a relatively compact, family-owned business, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t be innovators. Over the years, we have always prided ourselves on the quality of our customer service and we were completely focused on ensuring that our online car solution complemented our traditional showroom and the ability to seek support from our physical team when our customers needed it. It’s vital that our customers enjoy their online experience, as well as feel comfortable using the site and the transaction tools, so that they come back time and again. The results we’ve achieved speak for themselves, but just as importantly, the feedback from our customers has been incredibly positive, long may it continue.”

We love this story.  Well done, Snows