Sleeker Skoda all-electric SUV Cuts e-car Range Anxiety

Skoda enyaq iV

Skoda is directly addressing range anxiety with its all-electric Enyaq iV SUV being capable off more than 323 miles (520km) thanks to the manufacturer paying attention to the tiny details that make all the difference. 

First, its aerodynamic design looks great and delivers outstanding wind resistance.

Second, it has an ‘active cooling roller blind’ in the central front air intake and a front apron with air curtains.

Third, things like aerodynamic wheels and roof profile, and exterior mirrors better-placed for reduced wind resistance, all add to the vehicle’s drive efficiency.

There’s loads of other good aerodynamic stuff too.

Skoda says this all adds up to a drag coefficient from Cd 0.257. What that really means is that the driver can relax, safe in the knowledge they’re going to get more than 320 miles on a fully-charged battery powering its 150 kW motor. This has all been shown under test conditions giving preliminary data.

Bear in mind this is an SUV and they’re not normally known for their aerodynamic design. The Enyaq iV benefits from the VW Group’s technical know-how, this being the Czech manufacturer’s first model based on VW’s much-heralded modular electrification toolkit.

As you know, every day is a school day, and we’ve just learned from Skoda that wheels alone account for around 25% of air resistance, so giving them an aerodynamic re-design directly addresses the drag issue and therefore boosts range.

Clever stuff from Skoda.