Skoda Kills Off Out of Tune Singalongs

Last week Skoda launched new in-car technology that puts an end to those joyful hours of hearing your mates singing along to the radio so badly that your ears bleed.  The In Tune tech within the all-electric Enyaq iV monitors cabin sounds and corrects the pitch of the singer’s voice before feeding it back out the speakers. Like Kylie…allegedly. 

No more wannabe pop star kids belting out a blisteringly bad banger on the school run. From now on they’ll all be in-tune Beyonces and Sheerans.

No more trips down the motorway entertained by your mate who really thinks Simon Cowell should be begging them to sign up, but whose cloth ears prevent them hearing they’re so badly out of tune that local dogs are fearful.

We fear that it might encourage more people to really be convinced they’re the new Dua Lipa and just keep on howling away.

One major plus point in Skoda’s favour here: in the news story they claim that ‘100% of drivers* admit to regularly attempting to sing along to their favourite songs while driving’.  Note the all-important asterix which, when you check, refers to ‘*100% of zero people were interviewed for this utterly pointless survey’. 

And oh, by the way, Skoda issued this story on 1 April 2021. Nice one, Skoda.