Skippy’s Tips

Simon ‘Skippy’ Bowkett

Simon ‘Skippy’ Bowkett is a well-known (and well-liked) figure in the motor retail industry.  Adviser and trainer to some of the most prestigious dealer groups and manufacturers, Skippy helps companies raise their game and hone-in on the key tactics and strategies that take their businesses forward.

We’re thrilled that Skippy has agreed to be NTK Motors’ prime training partner.  It’s a marriage made in heaven because – as many of you will know – Skippy’s style is direct, entertaining and authoritative.  It’s what NTK Motors aspires to become.

Each month, Skippy’s Tips will offer leading edge thinking on what matters to you in terms of new skills and re-styling old approaches to motor retailing.  And, yes, Simon ‘Skippy’ Bowkett is a born and bred Aussie.  As Aussie as Kylie, shark attacks and prawns on a barbie.

The beauty of Skippy’s tips is that they’re based in real world experience, which is why dealership and manufacturer staff relate so well to him and his training.  

And each month we’ll point you towards his videos and podcasts featuring the most well-known leaders from within our industry, so you can share their tips too.  People like Jayne O’Driscoll, head of training and development for VW Ireland; Peter Smyth of Swansway Group; and even David Peel, former MD of Peugeot UK.  The advice they share matters to our daily working practices, so we recommend you tune in.

Today’s advice is classic Skippy. It’s based on the fact his Audi dealer failed to upsell to him and explains not only what this cost Skippy in the weeks after his car wasn’t serviced properly, but also what that eventually cost that dealer in many lost sales.  Have a look here.  And look out for more of Skippy’s Tips soon.

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