Simply VW – You Know You Want It

vw classic beaulieu

Absolutely everyone stops and stares when a classic VW camper sails past.  Everyone.  Don’t deny it.  You know why? It carries our dreams.  It says ‘you could be cruising around the world with the woman/man of your dreams in me.  Making tea on the beach, making love in the dunes…without a care in the world.’  That’s why.

No wonder that the news that Simply VW is returning to Beaulieu this summer set Need To Know Motors’ hearts a-racing.  It’s an event that is chokka full of gorgeous, iconic and dreamy VWs, not just the camper (don’t get me started on those sexy split screens…) but the Golf that we all fell in love with and, especially, the Beetle.

So, take our advice and fall in love all over again at Simply VW.  Ticket info etc here Simply VW | 19th June 2021 | National Motor Museum (