Serial Car Thief Stole £140,000 Worth of Posh Cars

A 20-year old lowlife scrote, Elliot Newman, is awaiting sentencing having been caught stealing – or trying to steal – six high end cars on a stealing spree across the North of England.

The cars he stole added up in value to around £140,000.  But he has been asked to pay only a £34 victim surcharge.  He has already been disqualified from driving for two years, though.

The court heard that Newman had a drug habit that needing feeding, so he stole cars in order to get the money from selling them on.

But…let’s admit one thing.  The lad has taste. The cars he stole included an Audi SQ2, an Audi Q7 and a BMW M3.

But £34 victim surcharge? Isn’t that a joke?