Rishi – Sort Things Out Pronto!      

After the latest circus of chaos surrounding our beloved Government, poor old Rishi Sunak was left without a chair when the music stopped so he has to grasp the poisoned chalice that is the job of being Prime Minister.  Poor bloke.

The first thing he did when he got into No. 10 was to appoint a cabinet.  This saw Michael Gove return! He must have hidden talents as we have tried so hard to understand what Gove is actually for. Those hidden talents are very well hidden.

But, focussing on how our industry might be affected, Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive, said: ‘What we now need is a clear and compelling strategy for growth and stability, one that reassures markets, shores up battered consumer confidence and ensures the UK is seen as investable. 

‘As a major investor and employer, the automotive industry can help drive an economic recovery but we sorely need a period of stability and a framework for competitiveness, one that delivers the conditions and regulatory certainty to attract investment, talent and innovation, and not least in the global race to net zero.’

When Mr Hawes talks about a ‘clear strategy for growth’ he does not, we assume, mean the kind of slapdash, gravy train fiasco that Ms Truss launched…

Come on, Rishi, sort it out!