Predicting Next Big Online Sales Trends     

Automotive Transformation Group has put its cards on the table in terms of predicting the next big trends in selling cars online.

With automotive ecommerce sales kicking off strongly at the start of 2022 in the same vein as the last 18 months, several of the Group’s experts have forecast what they believe to be the next big things to look out for in automotive ecommerce in the coming months.

Looking at some of the key trends for 2022, Paul Stokes, Automotive Transformation Group’s Director of Digital Retailing, said: “Now, especially in light of the pandemic effect, many retailers have realised that to succeed with car buyers, whether they are three miles away or 300, as well as stay ahead of their competition, having a fully optimised, immersive and responsive ecommerce platform is a must-have.

“Nevertheless, there are still many areas of omnichannel automotive ecommerce with as yet untapped potential.”

Its list of the next key trends includes:

  • Offering a complete end-to-end purchasing journey
  • Harnessing the power of a truly omnichannel car buying journey
  • Allowing customers to pay with differing payment methods
  • Transitioning sales personnel to becoming product experts and virtual hosts
  • Automated online video
  • Live Chat for critical journey touch points