Porsche Named Least Reliable Marque      

Porsche has been named the most unreliable marque according to Warrantywise. Joining it is a range of premium luxury passenger car makers; proving that despite a high price tag, even for a used car, luxury cars could also cost owners more in the long run. 

Analysing over 131,000 extended car warranty plans, the Reliability Index places Porsche as least reliable used car marque – scoring a mere 35.1/100 overall – with the highest repairs totalling a staggering £10,784.60*. With a larger, and the most expensive, overall repair bill totalling £23,889.53*, it’s Land Rover who follows, which also saw its Range Rover model named the least reliable model this Summer. Its UK counterpart, Jaguar, places third from bottom, with the engine’s turbocharger proving the costliest single repair at £16,990.02*.

Lawrence Whittaker, CEO of Warrantywise said: “Premium prices really do make for premium costs, as is evident from the data in the Reliability Index. And, with more technology in high-end cars than ever before, we suppose it’s only natural that they require a bit more TLC than normal. As the concept of luxury has expanded and become more available to a wider audience, high-end supercars are clearly still in high demand. One way of ensuring that your pride and joy is safe and affordable in the long run is by purchasing a warranty, and we always strive to make sure our customers have the best possible service and product.”

Top Ten Least Reliable Marques

Position (least reliable)MakeHighest Repair Cost*Overall Score /100
2Land Rover£23,889.5340.2
4Alfa Romeo£6,760.3252.4

*Disclaimer: repair costs collated over a period between 2021 and 2022. Since the sample was selected, Warrantywise has seen a significant rise in the price of labour and parts, which will impact future repair costs.

Data used is from Warrantywise using information on marques that have more than 500 vehicles covered and more than 200 models covered under Warrantywise’s plans.