Polestar: Tune In, Man    

Polestar has teamed up with Swedish composer, musician and artist, Lisa Nordström, to create a unique soundscape for Polestar’s retail locations around the world. The soundtrack is also available on over 50 different streaming services, including Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music – and can of course be streamed in Polestar 2 cars.

This is the kind of funky move we expect from Polestar.  It doesn’t have dealerships, it has spaces.  And now it has its own soundtrack.  We have heard it – ok, not all of it, but some.  It’s cool.

“One often uses more than one sense to experience things. The Polestar soundscape encapsulates the Polestar brand beautifully and complements the universe we have created for our customers both in our retail locations and our cars,” says Rong Guan, Polestar’s retail architect who has headed up the design of Polestar’s retail environments.

Lisa Nordström, who recently won the 2022 Swedish Guldbagge film award for best original music in the film ‘Children of the Enemy’, has a diverse musical portfolio ranging from movies to experimental radiophonic compositions recorded from her base in Gothenburg, Sweden.

“I approached this project like the score of a film. I had to identify the themes which would work to heighten the experience”, Nordström explains. “For me, being in the environment and absorbing the place and situation was absolutely necessary. After a while of testing different tracks, I finally found a tonality and sound that felt right. Then it was mostly about opening the tap and letting it flow!”