Polestar 0 – Climate Neutral by 2030

Polestar 0,  the project designed to create a truly climate neutral car by 2030, is shifting up a gear now by asking suppliers, investors, authorities, and consumers at large, to collaborate on the ambitious target. 

The plan is to remove emissions throughout the complete supply chain and across production and logistics.

This is a huge task, involving layers of interested parties from start to finish.  In charge is Polestar’s former Head of R&D Hans Pehrson.  He says:

“Achieving climate neutrality is an absolute must for our future for all consumer products. Cars are complex, they consist of tens of thousands of components, and rely on intricate layering of suppliers and sub-manufacturers. Making a car climate-neutral is therefore not only an extremely important challenge but an extremely difficult one. Understanding and accepting the challenge is the first step; getting all the way there will require that we collaborate in ways that have never existed before. This is not a solo mission.”