Pink, gold and turquoise cars add colour to driving

Gold Car

Everyone we speak to (on Zoom, obviously) says life is just getting duller.  So no wonder that when it comes to buying goods of whatever kind we’re looking at add a bit of colour to our lives. 

We weren’t surprised by the latest SMMT’s recent report showing that while boring black remains the most popular colour for cars, a growing number of car transactions are in vivid hues, including pink, gold and turquoise.

Let’s not get carried away and think that driving will suddenly have a bit more pizzazz… nearly one and a half million people still think black is the only colour. Silver, blue, grey and white make up the top five for 2020.

But we salute the four thousand-odd folk who bought a pink car, along with the 6,510 trying turquoise and the whopping 23,427 going for gold. Red, yellow and orange even made it to the top ten!

A bit of colour brightens everyone’s life.