Peter Vardy Helps Ease EV Transition

Peter Vardy Group is teaming up with EV specialists Zoom EV to help customers to electric with greater ease and confidence.

The service is available to customers who buy a plug-in hybrid or fully-electric car from Vardy’s CARZ stores, giving them access to Vardy’s EV Benefits Bundle and support from Zoom EV’s team. Benefits are said to include discounted access to public charging networks, smart home charging units, EV home energy tariffs and accident management services.

Ed Carpenter, Director of Electric Vehicles at Peter Vardy said: “We’re delighted to partner with Zoom EV to further progress our ambition of becoming Scotland’s go-to dealership for purchasing new and pre-owned electric vehicles.

“We understand that transitioning from a conventional car to an EV can be a daunting experience for some motorists and our teams are often faced with questions around charging an electric car. With Zoom EV’s support, the Peter Vardy EV Benefits Bundle will mitigate these concerns, providing our customers with bespoke services to make their EV ownership experience enjoyable and hassle-free.

“As the climate crisis continues to become more apparent, we are proud to be encouraging EV use in the UK and excited to be on this electric journey with Zoom EV.”

Peter Vardy Group has 15 dealerships at sites across Scotland, eight of them being used car supermarkets with CARZ brand.