‘Perfect’ 40-Year Old MGB Going for £30k?

Last week we reported on a top condition Renault Clio predicted to reach £70k at auction.   This week we’re looking at a ‘time capsule’ 40-year old MGB with just 77 miles on the clock, but this is is being tipped to sell for just £30,000.  We can’t work out why this far more desirable MGB could go for less than half the V6 Clio.  OK, the V6 is the clue, but still, this is a perfect MGB soft top.

The convertible was originally purchased in 1981 and kept in dry storage while being driven a tiny number of miles before being sold on two years later.

The next four owners have all clearly had the same approach, hence the 77 total miles this beauty has been driven so far.

While it hasn’t been serviced (it hasn’t needed a service) the car does come with all the original gear you’d want, including the spare wheel, a packaged jack and tools and a completely unused tonneau cover.

Have a look online at auction site Car & Classic for more info.