Pendragon Rejigs CarStore Offer     

Pendragon is set to re-jig and re-launch its CarStore division with a view to utilising its entire estate of 150 dealership sites, according to a report in AM and elsewhere. The number of stand-alone CarStore sites once planned to be 30+ will now be ten or even less.

The group’s chief executive, Bill Berman, told AM that a mix of physical and digital sales would give “greater choice and flexibility” with an eye on market newcomers such as Cazoo, cinch and Carzam.

“Right now customers can largely buy a used car the traditional way or the digital way. We will give customers the choice of transacting however they like,” Berman told AM.

“The new market entrants – Cazoo, cinch and Carzam – place an emphasis on viewing the car, organising finance and buying their vehicle wholly online, without seeing it, and then deciding whether they want it once it’s been delivered. That, in itself, is restrictive.

“This is the second largest investment most people will make. We don’t want to force customers down any particular buying process, we will offer choice.”