Ooh, Controversial! Best/Worst Places to Buy Cars

Moneybarn, the lender of specialist car, van and motorbike finance, has got a great story: what are the best and worst places in the UK to buy new and used cars? Obviously, whenever we’re looking for a used car the first place we go is t’internet.  And that means we can see cars for sale from all over the country.  But, according the Moneybarn’s report, some locations are poorly-reviewed in terms of buying a car.  Is where you live one of them?

Here’s a quick snapshot, but for the whole report take a look here:  Best Cities to Buy a Used Car (moneybarn.com)

The best places to buy a used car:

  1. Bolton, Lancashire
  2. Blackpool, Lancashire
  3. Canterbury, Kent

And the worst-reviewed places to buy a used car?

  1. Burton-On-Trent
  2. Keighley, Yorkshire
  3. Poole, Dorset

What about the cheapest places to buy a used car? Try these for size:

  1. Romford, Kent
  2. Newcastle Upon Tyne
  3. Derby

Finally, what about the most expensive places to buy a used car? No surprises who’s top:

  1. Epsom, Surrey
  2. Warwick
  3. Sutton-In-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire