Online Bargains – Should We be Worried?

Nissan Leaf

New cars available online at bargain basement prices are becoming the norm.  Is this dealerships engaging in a race to the bottom?  Can we blame them, though? Let us have your thoughts here 

We’re seeing evidence of huge discounts on lots of 2021 70 plate models – including electric cars – because dealers have to keep their businesses moving forward by chasing turnover rather than profit. Times are bloody hard, so who can blame them?

While this may be great for the motorist, it’s not good for dealers.  Certainly not with discounts of almost a third on some cars.  That’s what is giving on a brand new Peugeot 308 with delivery mileage.

Some EVs such as the popular Nissan Leaf are up for grabs, too. has Leafs with 20%+ discounts.  

These price cuts seems to be across loads of different brands, too.